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Personnel Positioning Solution in Offshore Wind Farms Personnel Positioning Solution in Offshore Wind Farms


Personnel Positioning Solution in Offshore Wind Farms

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The construction fans near sea wind farm involves a large number of ships and complicated situation of personnel working in the area, which requires personnel positioning and safety monitoring. In most of case, GPS signals can‘t be obtained in the cabin of the offshore construction ship due to the airtight space, but the personnel in the cabin shall also be positioned and counted.
BTI personnel positioning solution in offshore wind farms provides end-to-end solution from the personnel tags, access gateway and the application service which covers all scenarios in wind farms both in and outside ship cabin and can be easily installed and maintained.

   Offshore Wind Farm Construction Status

The marine weather is complex, most of the extreme weather is local, very difficult to predict, especially when the wind farm is located in the area where the wind is strong all year round, which is very important for the safety monitoring of offshore wind power construction and maintenance personnel.

The area of offshore construction is very large, involving a large number of ships, frequent exchanges and complex personnel situation that is easy to be affected by the sea wind and waves. It is necessary to conduct real-time monitoring on the ship's personnel, and evacuate the site in time before the arrival of severe conditions; otherwise it is easy to cause casualties.

   BTI Personnel Positioning Solution


Key Features:

   Real-time location monitoring, track record playback

●  Electronic fence control

●  Real-time point name

  Alarm function

  Authority management

  Report generation

   Main Advantages of Positioning System

  No operator/carrier dependence, low maintenance cost, seamless supervision, real-time positioning system

  Based on the outdoor GPS / Beidou satellite positioning and the inboard ibeacon Bluetooth positioning, the positioning system is seamless, simple to install and free of weak current construction at sea;

  It has a long standby time, which effectively solves the positioning problem of the tag card in the cabin and tower area without signal, and the power consumption problem of GPS search satellite;

  All wireless, effective anti-metal interference, Lora wireless special network, single base station covering 1000 square kilometers of the sea;

  The waterproof treatment of industrial card has become one of the smallest satellite + Bluetooth + Lora positioning labels in the industry;

  The system is one network and multi-purpose, and is compatible with various Internet of things applications such as personnel positioning, asset management, data transmission, etc.