The BTI CrossFire platform is the definition of next-generation DAS.


Today’s 4G networks demand exceptional performance to meet the ever-increasing data demands of the consumer. Tomorrow’s 5G networks demand even more. The BTI CrossFire platform provides innovative category cable and fiber-to-the-edge remotes enabling network densification that is critical to the consumer and IoT data demands of the future.


The CrossFire architecture is designed for the enterprise, leveraging existing category and fiber plant to deliver high-performance RF in a “deploy-like WiFi” scenario. CrossFire’s low-power remotes deliver up to 8 bands in a single access-point fed by fiber or Cat6A cable. Eliminating half-inch coax dramatically decreases the cost of installation, and ongoing support and maintenance, enabling the self-serving end-user marketplace.

High Flexibility

The CrossFire product family is very complete and is able to address the coverage requirements of various deployment scenarios and applications with Remote Units designed with transmit power range from 15dBm to 43dBm.

Flexible Transport

CrossFire platform supports remote units over optical interface and PoE (Power over Ethernet). An inherent IP transport is available to support deployment of WiFi and Small Cells.

Compact & Reliable

Smallest form factor in the industry with passive cooling. Ideal for indoor and outdoor deployments and high MTBF.

3GPP Band Support

Supports all 3GPP cellular frequency bands as well as next generation 5G bands.

The High Power Remote Unit supports up to two bands with a power output of +43 dBm in a convection-cooled chasses of only 15 liters (0.52 cu. ft.). The HPRU supports SISO and 2xMIMO. You can cascade multiple HPRUs. A GigE interface for Wi-Fi/Small Cell transport is available with local and remote diagnostics and configuration. Power consumption is 250W. The HPRU extends coverage from a single base station to a larger area while supporting multiple operators and technologies to provide an energy, space, and cost efficient DAS solution.

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The Low Power Remote Unit supports up to 4 bands with a power output of up to +27 dBm.  The LPRU’s modular design supports SISO, 2xMIMO and 4xMIMO within a 1U unit. You can cascade LRPUs to maximize deployment configurations. A GigE interface for Wi-Fi/Small Cell transport is available with local and remote diagnostics and configuration. Power consumption is 100W, and the unit is convection-cooled. The LPRU is an ideal choice for enterprise buildings, hospitals, hotels, and residential buildings as it can support 8-10 indoor antennas. It is also the perfect option to upgrade places where an existing passive DAS has been deployed previously.

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The Nano Power Remote Unit, offering the same functionality as high and low power remote units, was developed to meet the demands of the Enterprise market by adopting the same system architecture as Wi-Fi (featuring Wi-Fi & GigE connectivity with POE+ pass-through). The Nano supports up to 4 discrete channels (15dBm output power per channel) on a Cat5e or Cat6a STP cable, and supports SISO and 2xMIMO configurations.

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CrossFire N2 is a flexible platform supporting cellular, GigE IP and public safety technologies on fibre optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The N2 supports 8 x 3GPP bands with a combined EiRP value of almost 1 Watt utilizing integrated antennas for cellular and Bluetooth beaconing, plus integrated Wi-Fi as an option. The N2 platform is part of the CrossFire 2.0 generation capable of supporting 5G technology from 360MHz to 3.8GHz, plus future RAN virtualisation.

The Access Unit, only 1U high, provides connectivity between the DAS and the serving base stations. Each AU, which is responsible for signal processing, signal filtering and optical transport, accommodates up to 4 3GPP bands and any technology.  Power consumption is only 80 watts, and all cooling is convection based. DAS configuration is supported by a GUI-based OMT. Depending on maximum fiber bandwidth, you can cascade up to 3 AU units to support 12 bands, supporting any combination of SISO and MIMO. Crossfire’s NMS supports full remote monitoring and configuration of supported DAS installations via the AU.



The Expansion Unit (EU-E), only 1U high, supports PoE+ based CAT 5 or 6 links to support up to 12 NANO units as well as multiple GigE interfaces.

The Expansion Unit (EU-O), only 1U high, supports both optical port expansion and multiple GigE interfaces. You can cascade EUs to support complex double star DAS configurations. Power consumption is 50W.

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