The BTI Wireless mBSC DAS is ultra-reliable, power efficient and provides the lowest noise figures in the industry.


Industry-leading linear power amplification and the most modular solution in the industry, enables the mBSC platform to deliver the highest performance DAS solution, with one lowest cost of ownership. Our mBSC solutions deliver 2G, 3G 4G (LTE) today, and have been verified to support 5G(NR) in all common frequency bands in use by the global wireless community.


The mBSC system delivers up to five operating bands over a single fiber optic link and supports multiple power classes from a single head-end. Our compact, modular 5W mid-power remote delivers 5-band MIMO system in a single 19” shelf. And our high power remotes deliver up to 80W of performance for the toughest outdoor neighborhood coverage.


With more than 10,000 remotes in service today, the mBSC platform continues to deliver exceptional performance for commercial service and public safety applications around the globe.

Neutral Host Venue and In-Building Solutions

BTI’s mBSC DAS platform enables mixed deployment of high-power and mid-power remote nodes to support the complex environments unique to in-building and venue coverage.

BTI’s highly linear remote nodes deliver un-compromised performance with a modular design that allows you to deploy only what you need today, and inexpensively add on or upgrade as your needs require. BTI’s amplifiers support full instantaneous bandwidth for all operating bands, significantly reducing deployment costs by enabling the amplifiers to be shared by all licensed operators in the network. With fully-rated output power up to 10W per band in our mid-power nodes, and up to 80W per band in our high-power nodes, there is enough capacity for the most challenging environments!

Outdoor DAS

Outdoor DAS has been successfully utilized by operators around the world to rapidly deploy dense capacity in urban areas, and to extend coverage across challenging terrains. BTI has provided equipment for extensive outdoor DAS networks for operators in the United States, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Oceania.

BTI has consistently pushed the envelope for maximum output power, and power density (Watts per cubic litre). We provide natural convection-cooled solutions up to 40W per band, and active-cooled remote units up to 80W per band. BTI’s modular design allows cost efficient “pay-as-you-grow” and upgrade scenarios important in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Mid-Power Remote Unit

High-Power Remote Unit

Delivering superior linear power amplification in the smallest footprint, BTI’s modular fiber-fed remote nodes are the premier differentiating component of the BTI DAS offering. BTI supports a full range of RF coverage solutions using DAS within all common operating bands in use around the world.

The mBSC system supports up to 5 bands on a single WDM fiber, as well as supporting multi-sector and MIMO configurations on a single CWDM fiber. Delivering the highest performance standards, BTI solutions minimize the noise figure introduced by DAS deployments, and support full instantaneous bandwidth required for multi-operator, neutral-host DAS designs.

mBSC-H Host Unit

The mBSC host unit (HU) product line provides optimal implementation flexibility to reduce cost, minimize space requirements at the DAS hub site, and allow for growth and expansion of the system. Each HU shelf contains fully redundant power supplies, a remote control unit for network/element management of both the host unit and remote node equipment.


Each HU can support different combinations of the BTS interface unit (BIU) and fiber interface unit (FIU) line cards. The BIU interfaces to the POI, or directly to a base station, and typically is deployed in a one-per-sector configuration, with support for Remote Node simulcast ratios from 1:1 up to 32:1. The FIU converts RF signals to analog or digital fiber (up to five bands per FIU, with support for two optical links per FIU card), and provides the interface between the HU and remote DAS nodes.






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