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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

The introduction of broadband services of 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G mobile network relies on having an available strong mobile signal. Mobile Operators, enterprises and other stakeholders have all come to a realization regarding the need to have good mobile signal to sell their products, whether the product is a service or a property or a venue. Mobile network users expect to enjoy broadband services where ever they are, in the home, office or stadium. Deploying a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a good solution to enable broad services by extending the mobile signal coverage into building and structures where the external mobile network signals are typically weak or do not penetrate at all.

BTI Wireless introduced a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions in 2008. Over the past ten years, many of the BTI Wireless DAS solutions have been deployed globally in buildings, stadiums, airports, metros, hotels and hospitals.

Today BTI Wireless offers two DAS Platforms:




Base Station Systems

BTI Wireless designs and supply base station subsystem products. These products can be standardized products or customized components supplied to base station equipment vendors on an OEM arrangement.

Some standard BTI Wireless base station subsystem products used by major mobile operators today include:

MCPA Base Mounted Boosters

Tower Mounted Boosters