mBSC-I Series

Features and Specifications

  • Supports 700MHz, 850MHz, 1700MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz
  • Adjustable Uplink and Downlink Gain
  • Cable Reduction Solution
  • CWDM Optical Technology per FIU-C
  • Secure Ethernet Remote Managment Interface
  • ISO9001, ISO14000, and TL9000 R4.0

The mBSC-I Fiber Antenna System Product Line consists of the Fiber Pipe Antenna System; the Fiber Panel Antenna System; and the Fiber Stand Alone Panel Antenna System. This integrated system solves multiple applications with a modular, cost effective integrated approach.

The mBSC-I Fiber Pipe Antenna System provides a powerful and innovative multi-frequency outdoor coverage solution for spatially challenged areas.

The mBSC-I Fiber Panel Antenna System provides a multi-frequency outdoor coverage system that cost-effectively solves urban, roof top and tower applications.