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5G Network Glows on Opportunities——Recap of WISPAPALOOZA 2022

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BTI Wireless is proud to announce its presence at WISPAPALOOZA 2022, the most important industry event in the North America for Internet service providers. The event took place on October 4th to October 6th this year at Paris and Bally's Hotels in Las Vegas. BTI Wireless, as the global provider of broadband wireless solution, is confident to fully meet the market needs with its wireless network product solutions. It presented its latest product series including eNB, gNB and CPEs during the event.

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BTI Wireless showcased its latest all-in-one compact 5G base station M4370. This base station can be equipped with a variety of external or integrated antennas to serve both short and long distances. The all-in-one model has been developed with a completely new concept that houses the radio units (RUs) and base band units (CU/DU) in a single enclosure, which allows for convenient construction in various vertical industries. By integrating the RU and CU/DU, these products can be introduced at a lower cost and deployed easily, which help operators to reach new markets and generate extra profits.

Another highlight among the product portfolio of BTI Wireless is its auto alignment CPE, which could be simply installed on the roof, railings, poles, walls and even on the ground without on-site engineer. Users can choose the fixed method and location according to the actual installation conditions. It is also easy-to-maintain and could deliver reliable and high-speed broadband network services, then user could enjoy a smooth and stable network life at any time.

With the roll-out of 5G, the demand for ultra-fast connectivity has increased, with entities such as enterprise customers looking to leverage 5G networks to deliver business-critical solutions and communication services. Our gNodeB series enables stable capability, along with minimum jitter so that the market demand is perfectly matched with a pre-integrated, feature-rich solution for our customers. The product series can support robust connectivity, low latency and secure 5G networks for advanced uses cases such as smart factories, healthcare, education, stadiums, enterprises and other private 5G use cases.

WISPAPALOOZA is not just an event, it’ s the tech community which makes the future closer. BTI Wireless is aimed at helping customers narrow and even eliminate the digital divide and meet the requirements of businesses going through digital transformation. BTI Wireless will flexibly utilize networks and strengthen the connectivity which dynamically associates data generated by people and goods. 5G network glows on opportunities and BTI Wireless hopes to seize the chance beyond the boundaries of single industry, so as to create new social value!

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