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Empowering 5G Network with Real-time Responsiveness, BTI Showcases 5G Solutions at MWC LV 2023

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BTI Wireless, a global leader in wireless communication solutions, had a significant presence at the prestigious MWC LV2023, held from September 26 to 28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Under the theme "Velocity: Unleashing tomorrow's technology today" of MWC LV2023, BTI Wireless showcased its commitment to driving innovation in the telecommunications industry.


The spotlight is on BTI Wireless, as they not only exhibited a comprehensive range of all-in-one compact base stations, but also unveiled a plethora of public safety solutions that effectively adapt to the scale of the covered scenarios and align with its safety requisites in a cost-efficient manner.

Wireless network solution

BTI Wireless showcased all-in-one compact base stations, which is a breakthrough solution that promises to revolutionize the way wireless networks are deployed and managed. Our solution holds immense potential for remote regions and communities, as it equips operators with the means to establish a reliable and consistently available network. Our offerings boast exceptional performance, with the capability to provide connectivity through a range of multi-radio options, catering to diverse scenarios like rural connectivity, industrial manufacturing, and last mile access. Furthermore, our 5G product family facilitates high-speed wireless connections, bolstering security and enhancing overall efficiency for various applications.

Public safety solution

In light of the increasing global focus on public safety, it has become imperative to address the pressing requirement for dependable and available communications for first responders. The availability of such networks is of utmost importance to effectively ensure the safety and security of the public on a global scale.

BTI Wireless offers a state of the art fiber DAS solution for public safety networks, delivering critical communications in challenging coverage environments. The CrossFirePS solution has been deployed successfully in many scenarios, such as airports, railway and metro stations and tunnels, government buildings, hospitals,  manufacturing, and energy production facilities.


Building upon this success, BTI Wireless is poised to leverage its strengths in mobile networks, harnessing advanced innovations in 4G/5G technology to deliver solutions for mission critical broadband communications.

BTI Wireless welcomes collaboration with more partners and extends a sincere invitation to join us in unlocking boundless potential across various industries. Let's embark on this journey together!

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