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BTI Wireless Showcase 5G RAN Innovations at 5G EXPO

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Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth at the 5G EXPO in Ft Lauderdale! It was nice to see old friends again, and make new acquaintances. Running from February 14th to 19th 5G EXPO was an action-packed week and a great event to showcase our latest 5G RAN innovations together with our 5G Core partner Star Solutions.


We were excited to have on display our growing portfolio of 5G fixed wireless access and private 5G products, including 5G base stations and subscriber equipment, and share case studies from recent customer deployments in the US and abroad.

The F2240 5G All-in-one Enterprise Femtocell is a fully-integrated indoor gNB, enabling rapid deployment for a wide range of Industry 4.0applications. This impressive 2*24dBm 5G base station is equipped with 2x2 MIMO offering up to 780Mbps downlink to 128 users. Low power AP-style deployment allows for precision coverage – eliminating dead zones and low signal areas – and reduces mobile signal power to manage interference and improve device battery life.

The M4370 5G Integrated gNodeB is a mid-power 4X4 MIMO base station suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. The M4370 delivers high throughput in excess of 1.2Gbps downlink over a100Mhz channel. A choice of external or integrated antennas enables optimum coverage scenarios for both short and long distances.

BTI has also expanded its roster of Industrial and Residential CPEs. These reliable and easy-to-manage devices are optimized for the BTI 5G RAN, enabling faster speeds and performance, as well as improving security and efficiency.

If you have any additional questions, or would like our technical solutions team to contact you to see how BTI Wireless can Transform Your Network with 5G, please contact us at sales@btiwireless.com

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