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Innovation with 5G Technology

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BTI Wireless attended the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023, which lasted from February 27th to March 2nd. It is the world's largest mobile industry exhibition. The GSMA reported this week 5G connections will surpass 1 billion in 2022 and 2 billion by 2025. By the end of 2025, 5G will represent one in five of total mobile connections.


5G mobile technologies are radically transforming the value of wireless network and connectivity, creating a data deluge that is reshaping indoor and outdoor revenue opportunities. This year's showcase focused on the latest 5G innovations with BTI Wireless demonstrating how its latest product solutions will contribute to the delivery of cost-efficient and reliable 5G networks within indoor and outdoor environments.

The world has changed dramatically over the last 2 years, and people are connecting more indoors than ever before. New use cases, new frequencies, and new technologies are accelerating indoor 5G momentum. To help our customers capture these opportunities, BTI Wireless unveiled at MWC its brand-new indoor nCELL 5G RAN solution, w designed specifically for indoor applications. The nCELL family of gNB base stations allow customers the flexibility to build networks in response to their individual needs, which vary significantly by industry and region. The nCELL 5G RAN are built on BTI’s industry-leading digital radios, as  used in the BTI CrossFire standalone ORAN radio heads and digital DAS products.

- The F2240 5G All-in-one Enterprise Femtocell is a fully-integrated indoor gNB, enabling rapid deployment for a wide range of Industry 4.0 applications. This impressive 2*24dBm 5G base station is equipped with 2x2 MIMO offering up to 780Mbps downlink to 128 users.

- 5G AU300 + pRRU. a cost-effective indoor coverage solution that supports up to 8T8R. It expands multiple remote units based on optical fibers or network cables to extend coverage.

BTI Wireless has been an early innovator in the Open RAN community, and a firm believer in the value and flexibility of open and disaggregated networks. BTI products have helps deliver safe and secure open-networks deployed around the world with leading mobile operators. In 2023, BTI’s enhanced portfolio of 5G/4G Outdoor OpenRan solutions deliver flexible and reliable end-to-end solutions based on integrated and distributed architectures, demonstrating outstanding performance and connectivity. This product family has been deployed in a wide range of applications, such as industrial parks, long-range rural connectivity, and last mile access.

- 5G Integrated and Distributed gNodeB - a high-performance 4X4 MIMO base station delivering throughput of over 1.2Gbps in 100Mhz channels. Additionally, this base station can be equipped with a variety of external or integrated antennas to serve both short and long distances.

- 4G Integrated and Distributed eNodeB. It is an industry-leading LTE base station , providing flexible architecture based on the various needs of customers. It delivers high radio capacity, which helps to promote operational efficiency.

In addition to 5G radio infrastructure, BTI has also introduced exciting new industrial and residential CPE devices. These reliable and easy-to-maintain end-user devices are deliver high-speed wireless, providing support for a wide range of fixed wireless access and Industry 4.0 applications.

- 5G Indoor CPEs.

- 5G Outdoor and Industrial CPEs.

Capitalizing on its deep domain technical expertise as well as field experience from commercial network deployments, BTI Wireless is committed to delivering open, secure and efficient 5G networks with end-to-end carrier-grade quality, from the core to the edge, all around the world. Together, this best-in-class combination of products and services simplifies the transition to 5G and helps operators reap the benefits of 5G technology and the new business opportunities that await a wireless connected world.

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