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Recap of WISPAMERICA 2021

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From April 26th to 29th 2021, BTI Wireless attended the WISPAMERICA 2021 in Texas and showcased the latest 4G LTE and 5G NR products in our wireless networking portfolio. It was a great in-person opportunity to meet and network with service providers, product vendors, systems integrators, and customers in the U.S. WISP industry.

During the show, BTI primarily presented the following products and solutions:

· LTE Distributed eNodeB sCELL-T4000: an industry-leading LTE base station that is based on an advanced distributed architecture.

· 5G gNodeB: a 5G base station that is modeled on the Open RAN architecture and features industry-leading radio capabilities.

· 4G and 5G CPE: robust, easy-setup, and OnGo-certified devices with various models to meet different customer requirements.

· PtMP/PtP network solutions: aim at delivering convenient, affordable, and quality wireless connections anywhere and anytime. 

As the Regional Sales Manager of BTI Wireless, Matt Guzzetta joined the show and introduced our wireless broadband solutions to attendees. “The WISPAMERICA show in Grapevine, TX was a great show and it was my pleasure to meet so many great people! Rural Broadband and Fixed Wireless are booming and the folks I met from the WISPs and other Private LTE Private 5G vendors are getting it done!” said Matt. “BTI Wireless is proud to offer market-leading 4G LTE & 5G Networks plus CPE and ancillaries that fit your customer base and your budget.”

Special thanks goes to the organizer for hosting such a great show with an awesome turn out. BTI is looking forward to joining the WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas!

If you are interested in our products and solutions, send our sales team an email to sales@btiwireless.com or take a look at our brochure for more information.


About BTI Wireless: As a Wireless Broadband Solutions provider, BTI Wireless provides flexible and robust radio access network solutions to meet the increasing demand for wireless network connectivity in rural, suburban and urban areas, as well as boost our clients’ operational efficiency. Our comprehensive range of 4G LTE and 5G NR products are ideally suited for residential, commercial, and enterprise users. With 20 years of experience with small cell and radio technology and a mature R&D team, BTI offers customized OEM/ODM/JDM services that meet the clients’ requirements.


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