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The Sky is No Longer the Limit with a BTI Wireless DAS

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BTI Distributed Antenna Systems make the most advanced & iconic skyscrapers around the world a bit more advanced with high-performance in-building wireless coverage.

Technology coupled with cultural ambition often leads cities to create skylines strewn with skyscrapers. From Billionaire’s Row in New York City to Moscow, home to the highest concentration of billionaires in the world, and Hong Kong, Asia’s financial mecca, skyscrapers are indeed synonymous with affluence.

The industrial advancements that make these supertall buildings possible have a downside, however, when it comes to everyday technology and cultural behavior, namely, poor wireless coverage for mobile device users. According to industry studies, at least 80% of mobile traffic (voice and data) now comes from indoor locations.  That number could soar to a whopping 95% in the near future.

Companies that have their headquarters in high-rises and individuals who pay a premium for a penthouse in a luxury residence expect mobile coverage, as it is now often considered the fourth utility after water, gas and electric.  Unfortunately, high-rise buildings often experience a lack of coverage.

What Are the Biggest Challenges to Having Wireless Coverage in Skyscrapers?

Structural Issues

●  Height: the higher the building, the farther it is from the ground antenna, making for a weak, and sometimes non-existent, signal

●  Construction materials: an outdoor signal often can’t penetrate through the materials that make a property structurally sound, such as high-strength cement & steel, and environmentally conscious materials, such as low-e glass

Carrier & Capacity Issues

●  Heavy usage: whether commercial or residential, high-rise properties house thousands of people using mobile devices, causing weakened signals

●  Multi Carrier needs: with thousands of tenants come a combination of carriers, which a wireless infrastructure must accommodate

Additional Considerations

●  Public Safety: large properties must ensure communications for first responders; in fact, many cities now require major new construction projects to meet minimum signal requirements for public safety bands in all areas of the building

●  Equipment space: skyscrapers are among the most expensive real estate in the world so maximizing space is of prime importance to properties

●  Rapidly changing technology: properties want to protect their investment in technology

●  Expansive areas to manage: with properties being so large, streamlined equipment is a priority

Distributed Antenna Systems Are the Best Solution for Wireless Coverage in Skyscrapers

Recognized experts in the design and manufacture of high-power RF amplifiers, BTI Wireless makes Distributed Antenna Systems that help skyscrapers around the world provide reliable wireless coverage in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

What is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)? Simply put, a DAS is the middleman between the outside signal and the need for coverage inside a building. Housed in the building, a DAS has a master unit that receives the signal from the outside then connects to remote units via fiber. The remote units then deliver the signal throughout the property.

Benefits of a BTI Wireless Indoor DAS

With more than 15 years experience, BTI has gained a worldwide reputation with property owners, carriers and services providers for delivering advanced coverage solutions. A BTI Distributed Antenna System:

●  Eliminates the problem of penetrating a building’s RF-blocking construction materials

●  Extends coverage even to the highest floors

●  Keeps signal strong during peak usage periods

●  Accommodates all common frequency bands and any combination of carriers

●  Allows public safety & commercial bands on the same platform

●  Makes upgrades easy — start with the bands you need & update as requirements change

●  Future-proof — modular architecture lets a property add new technologies as needed

●  Saves space by deploying remote units every few floors & the master in an existing technology room

●  Provides an easy-to-manage solution from a central location

BTI Wireless DAS Products Reside in Some of the World’s Tallest & Most Iconic Skyscrapers

Every major city around the globe has its share of high-rise buildings. Just a few of the international properties that use BTI Wireless DAS include:

North America

New York by Gehry–Beekman Tower, New York City

●  Height: 870’

●  Floors: 76

Toronto-Dominion Centre (TD Centre), Toronto

●  Height: 732’

●  Floors: 56

Eighth Avenue Place, Calgary

●  Height: 697’

●  Floors: 49

Place Ville Marie, Montreal

●  Height: 617’

●  Floors: 47

Royal Centre Mall, Vancouver

●  Height: 463′

●  Floors: 37

Europe & Middle East

AL HAMRA Tower, Kuwait City

●  Height: 1,358’

●  Floors: 80

Flame Towers Baku, Baku Azerbaijan

●  Height: 597’

●  Floors: 33

Port Baku Residences, Baku Azerbaijan

●  Height: 390’

●  Floors: 32

 Australia & Malaysia

Rialto Towers, Melbourne

●  Height: 823’

●  Floors: 68

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

●  Height: 1,483’

●  Floors: 88

 Hong Kong

Two International Finance Centre

●  Height: 1,352’

●  Floors: 88

One Island East

●  Height: 978’

●  Floors: 69

Langham Place

●  Height: 837’

●  Floors: 60

Cosco Tower

●  Height: 748’

●  Floors: 53

Conrad Hong Kong Hotel

●  Height: 653’

●  Floors: 61

Sino Plaza

●  Height: 607’

●  Floors: 38

Skyscrapers of the 21st Century

Nothing defines an urban skyline the way skyscrapers do, and nothing allows better indoor wireless coverage in a super tall building than a BTI Wireless DAS.

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